Spa and Aesthetic services extend a client’s overall wellness to help them look and feel their best.

Best of Both Worlds

Combining the right mix of traditional western and alternative medicine therapies for overall health.

A Healthier You

Offering clients a variety of treatments to help them achieve their wellness and health goals.


MAEZ Integrative Healthcare uses a blend of traditional western and alternative medicine therapies in its treatments. This approach allows for the treatment of both the mind and body with a combination of conventional and holistic medicine, giving clients a comprehensive approach to internal medicine. The goal is for clients to feel better than they did than when they first walked through the door.

Our Services

MAEZ Integrative Healthcare provides several treatments clients can take advantage of that treat different needs. Among the treatments offered include:

Integrative Medicine / Primary Care Services

Integrative medicine combines traditional medical treatments with a mixture of more holistic and alternative medicines to provide clients with as many options as possible. The two styles work in concert with each other to provide the best results for clients.


As a client ages, their skin begins to lose its elasticity. The face is first to witness these symptoms. There are non-invasive alternatives, such as Botox, Dysport, and Restylane that the center offers.


Laser skin treatments can help in the removal of several skin problems, such as unsightly hair, spider veins, or sunspots. Regardless of the reason, MAEZ Integrative Healthcare can handle most laser treatment needs quickly and effectively.


The body can find itself deprived of certain nutrients and vitamins that can help boost its immune system and fight viruses, the seasonal flu, and a cold. The center has IV treatments that will help clients achieve their wellness goals, including weight loss, better sleep patterns, a better immune system, and rejuvenating the body. There are also cosmetic treatments that will help with the growth of hair and nails.


During a facial, a client’s face will be cleansed and massaged. The hour-long experience should leave them feeling refreshed and their facial skin rejuvenated. Another option is a chemical peel, which removes the superficial layers of skin to make way for younger, healthier-looking skin. There are various levels of intensity, from superficial to deep.


This is a non-surgical technique that will help display a firm and toned body that was covered by layers of fat or loose skin. There are various treatments offered that will attack fat cells and eradicate them from the body to help clients look and feel better about their bodies and who they are.


Getting clients on the right path toward achieving their weight loss goals can be a difficult and long process. The medical professionals at MAEZ Integrative Healthcare will provide a nutritional plan and weight-loss regimen to start clients on their journey. They will also be following through and making any necessary changes to the plan.


Muscles and ligaments can tighten due to poor posture or stress. MAEZ Integrative Healthcare will help clients through a variety of massage styles to help them release tension and loosen tight muscles. Routine massages will help clients feel relaxed and

Why MAEZ Integrative Healthcare?

MAEZ Integrative Healthcare’s goal is to provide clients with the very best experience. They provide the proper services and answer any questions clients may have through every step of the process. When clients experience MAEZ Integrative Healthcare, they will become better versions of themselves.