MAEZ Integrative Healthcare is a professional primary care services provider that focuses on improving their patients’ overall health and well-being.

Our foundation is based on years of experience in internal and aesthetic medicine, bringing a plethora of benefits and treatment options for our patients. We invest our time and effort to provide exceptional health and well-being services for every customer. That is why many of our clients turn to us time and again for our unmatched healthcare and customer services. MAEZ offers both a traditional and a holistic approach to Primary healthcare. We believe nature has the best therapies; therefore, we incorporate it with our latest tools and techniques to provide a comprehensive approach to preventing chronic illness, managing acute symptoms and maintaining an overall healthy life. MAEZ is an oasis for overall wellbeing.

With over 30 years of experience in Internal medicine and 14 years in Aesthetic Medicine, our Board Certified Physicians, Dr. Ezinne (Ayzie) Nwotite (left) and Dr. Mary Onwuka (right), have helped numerous patients in achieving their health goals.