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Hectic schedules, job demands, daily routines, and technology overload can wreak havoc on your overall mental and physical well-being. Too many demands often cause the inability to concentrate, lack of sleep, depression, and anxiety. Untreated mental health issues manifest into physical pain, heart disease, inflammation, high blood pressure, and other chronic health issues.

At MAEZ Integrative Healthcare, we help clients reset the mind and body through modern med spa treatments specifically designed to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of mental health problems, improve sleep, and more. Spa therapies help release stress and provide relaxation toward a healthy lifestyle.

MAEZ Integrative Healthcare focuses on improving our patients’ overall health and well-being. Our foundation is based on years of experience in internal and aesthetic medicine, bringing a plethora of benefits and treatment options for our patients.

Regular relaxation is necessary for the mind and body to recover from the physical impact of stress, though achieving relaxation is often difficult for many. Periods of intense work cause the body to create exhaustion and fatigue. While this is the body’s normal reaction, ignoring the symptoms and pushing the body even further causes excessive fatigue that can become a chronic, serious medical condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are multiple causes of fatigue, not just lack of sleep. Hormonal imbalances, lack of nutrition, and other medical conditions can contribute to fatigue, causing a cycle of negativity, sleep abnormalities, pain, and other symptoms that worsen with exertion.

MAEZ offers both a traditional and a holistic approach to primary health care. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide a comprehensive approach to preventing chronic illness, managing acute symptoms, and maintaining an overall healthy life.

Therapy treatments for stress and fatigue management include the following.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is one of the most effective and convenient ways for administering medications, fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes back into your body. These fluids carry medicines, vitamins, and nutrients that allow your organs to get to work at a faster speed. IV therapies are one of the best sources to incorporate energy into your body, providing balance and harmony.

IV therapies for stress relief and fatigue include:

  • Cosmetic rejuvenation: Glutathione bolsters the immune system and also helps neutralize damaging free radicals. Antioxidants have been shown to help your body repair free radical damage caused by stress, radiation, infections, drugs, medications, malnutrition, and aging. Glutathione has the potential to fight almost any disease, particularly those associated with aging. The amount of glutathione in the body decreases with age and with exposure to drugs, environmental toxins, cigarette smoke, and poor diet. When a deficiency in glutathione develops, oral supplements do not provide an answer because the absorption in the gut is extremely poor. Injection or intravenous administration is the gold standard to maximize the antioxidant effects of glutathione.
  • Super Vitamin B Complex: The Super Immune IV is a great choice for general nutritional supplementation and immune system optimization during the cold and flu season. It has important Vitamin B complex and will give you a metabolic boost, which can help with weight loss, energy levels, and positive mood effects.
  • Calming energy boost: Magnesium sulfate helps chronic fatigue. Add it to your daily regiment to help your energy levels, or use it when needed.
  • Good night’s sleep: Inositol magnesium sulfate creates a sense of calmness, which can help promote a good night of rest. You will have increased energy and stamina, especially if you have chronic fatigue.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy reduces stress, fatigue, and pain, and increases circulation and immunity. Massage therapy has also been proven to reduce symptoms of depression in general and alleviates depression in those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Statistically, there is a significant association of massage therapy and a reduction in levels of perceived stress and depression.

Insomnia and chronic fatigue negatively affect mental function, mood, the ability to make decisions, and the overall feeling of well-being. Massage therapy reduces symptoms of fatigue, and research shows massage improves the quality and duration of sleep in cancer patients, those with fibromyalgia, and children.

Reducing stress and fatigue through massage therapy brings a state of relaxation, allowing many to finally reach a state of healing.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy incorporates postures, meditation, and breathing exercises to improve mental and physical health, including reducing stress and symptoms of fatigue. Yoga as therapy combines elements of physical and psychotherapy and integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

Explore certified yoga therapies to promote your overall health and wellness. We collaborate with some of the best yoga providers in the industry. Yoga therapies are aimed at promoting a positive and nurturing lifestyle to boost your inner peace and reduce levels of stress and symptoms of fatigue.

MAEZ Integrative Healthcare Offers a Variety of Fatigue and Stress Relief Services in New Jersey

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