MAEZ Integrative Healthcare believes in offering the best treatment options to its patients, which is why we collaborate with a range of healthcare practitioners to bring all necessary options under one umbrella.

Dr. Mary Onwuka
Dr. Mary Onwuka

Dr. Onwuka, is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and has over 30 years of experience as an Internist and in the Medical Aesthetics field. She is passionate about providing a comprehensive approach to health, beauty and wellness, offering an innovative approach to health by combining conventional and alternative medical practices. Dr Mary has helped numerous people achieve and maintain a healthy and youthful life.

Dr. Ezinne Nwotite
Dr. Ezinne Nwotite

Dr. Ezinne (AyZee), is board certified in Internal Medicine, and has over 15 years of combined experience as an Internist and in the Medical Aesthetics field. She is always excited to help men and women be well and feel beautiful from the inside out. Dr Nwotite believes that maintaining youthfulness begins from a healthy lifestyle, and will guide you in the journey to slow that aging process and live your best life.

Genti Gio Lubonja
Certified Massage Therapist

Genti Gio Lubonja is a trained and certified therapist/management and an athlete. He studied sports therapy, physical therapy, and massage therapy in Europe and specialised in alternative treatments in Italy, and USA. His experience is very rich with working as a therapist for Trump Plaza Casino, Borgata SPA, and Caesars Casino Resorts Corporation.

In addition he worked at Terme di Padua, Italy/Europe as Therapist of Alternative Natural & Medical Healing, Physical Therapy Medical Terme Padua, Italy. He graduated from University of Sports, Tirana, Albania/Europe for Sport Therapy/Physical Therapy and Eastern School of Alternative in the USA. Furthermore, Genti Gio Lubonja has won several awards such as 2008-2009 International Spa Therapist Award and The Best Therapist of SPA Finder Magazine. He is fully active in triathlon sports as a Triathlon Athlete, participating and competing in the major triathlon IronMan competitions throughout New Jersey, USA. International. He proudly made the top 15 list with the best finish score of athletes in New Jersey, triathlon competition 2015-2016. He is a great sailor and enjoys sailing in the open ocean as an outdoor sport.