Harper’s Restorative Jumpstart System

“Jump Into Health”

The immune Jumpstart system is an IV designed to do just what it says, jumpstart your immune system. If you believe you may have been exposed to the Flu, Cold, or other type of bacterial/viral illness, or simply wish to prevent infection from gaining a foothold, Immune Jumpstart may be right for you.

Getting a “Jumpstart” before traveling just makes sense, as exposure to “new” germs almost guarantees becoming infected, as the body hasn’t had time to develop immunity. The Immune Jumpstart is great as a cleanup after travel to reduce the chance of unknown exposures getting a toehold in your system.

The Jumpstart system consists of Regenalyn, Advanced Cellular Silver Formulation designed to boost your own immune system, we pair this homeopathic formulations with ACG Glutathione. Glutathione decreases in our bodies as we age, using a supplemental glutathione formula in our solution helps boosts the levels in our bodies and insures that our immune system has the tools necessary to fight disease when we are most in need of them.

We can also add a B-Complex and Magnesium to our IVs, designed to increase energy, metabolism, and supporting the body as it fights the disease process.


“Cosmetic Rejuvenation”

Glutathione bolsters the immune system and also helps neutralize damaging free radicals. Antioxidants have been shown to help your body repair free radical damage caused by things such as stress, radiation, infections, drugs, medications, malnutrition and aging. Glutathione has the potential to fight almost any disease, particularly those associated with aging, since free radical damage is the cause of many of the diseases of old age. The amount of Glutathione we have in our bodies decrease as we age and with exposure to drugs, environmental toxins, cigarette smoke and poor diets. When a deficiency in Glutathione develops, oral supplements do not provide an answer because the absorption in the gut is extremely poor. Injection or Intravenous administration is the gold standard to maximize the antioxidant effects of Glutathione. Come in today to fight free radical damage to the skin and turn back the clock using our Glutathione Vitamin IV.

Biotin Preserved

“Better Hair, Skin, & Nails”

Biotin is necessary for cell growth and the production of stronger hair, skin, and nails. It is a multifaceted vitamin that helps out different facets of the body. The Biotin Vitamin IV helps with acne and eczema. It also prevents hair loss and speeds up weight loss.

Vitamin B

“Weight Loss and Immune Booster”

This combination Vitamin B intravenous is best for energy, nerve function, mood, reduction in body pain, and inflammation. Its Vitamin B properties helps the body recover faster and strengthen the immune system. It also helps speed up the metabolism to burn more fat efficiently compared to exercise and diet alone.

Super Vitamin B Complex

“Defense Against the Cold & Flu”

The Super Immune IV is a great choice for general nutritional supplementation and immune system optimization during the cold & flu season. It has important Vitamin B complex and will give you a metabolic boost, which can help with weight loss, energy levels, and positive mood effects.

Magnesium Sulfate

“Calming Energy Boost”

Magnesium sulfate helps anxiety, chronic fatigue, and relieves constipation. Add it to your daily regiment to help your energy levels or use it when needed as a “pick me up”.

Inositol Magnesium Sulfate

“Good Night’s Sleep”

Inositol Magnesium Sulfate creates a sense of calmness, which can help promote a better night’s sleep. The magnesium sulfate also helps with hair fall, and an itchy scalp. It is a great alternative to your daily energy regiment! You will have increased energy and stamina, especially if you have chronic fatigue. Inositol- exerts fat burning effects and helps relieve depression and anxiety.

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