Will CoolSculpting Help Me Lose Weight?

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2010, CoolSculpting is a popular, non-invasive medical fat reduction procedure. CoolSculpting helps remove small pockets of stubborn fat in the stomach, hips, sides, thighs, lower back, bra line, buttocks, legs, arms, and neck.

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss remedy, nor is it effective for obesity. CoolSculpting is a contouring procedure that modifies the distribution of fat cells, which “sculpts” the shape of the patient’s body. Patients close to their ideal body weight typically see the best results. Following a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise alongside a CoolSculpting treatment is the most effective.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting utilizes cryolipolysis, a procedure that uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells in targeted areas without needles or surgery. Freezing temperatures target only the fat cells with no harm to skin, tissue, or other cells. 

Two applicator paddles are placed on either side of the target area for approximately 30 to 60 minutes during the procedure. Through suction, the device gently draws the target area’s tissue into a chamber and exposes it to freezing temperatures, permanently destroying approximately 25 percent of the fat cells.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Patients may experience mild discomfort initially related to the strong suction and extreme cold, such as pulling, pinching, tingling, cramping, or stinging. These sensations are typically short-lived as the skin becomes numb after exposure to the freezing temperatures. 

Patients may experience some skin hypersensitivity and soreness after the treatment, which should dissipate in days. Patients typically can return to their normal activities immediately following treatment.

Are Results Immediately Noticeable?

There will be some initial inflammation and swelling to the treated area, which will subside within a few weeks, and results from the CoolSculpting may be seen in one to three months following the treatment. Many patients require additional treatments to achieve their desired goals.

Does the Fat Return to the Treated Areas?

As a person ages, the number of fat cells in their body grows or shrinks in size when weight is gained or lost. When CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, they are permanently eliminated, and the targeted area will no longer be able to store the same level of fat. The inability to store fat in the targeted area results in a sculpted appearance even during weight gain.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Immediately following treatment, there may be tenderness, bruising, numbness, or swelling in the targeted area, which should resolve within one to two weeks. There is no risk of heart disease, elevated harmful lipids, or atherosclerosis with CoolSculpting, as the procedure breaks down triglycerides and fatty acids into energy.

Is CoolSculpting Better Than Liposuction?

CoolSculpting has many advantages over liposuction, including:

  • The non-invasive procedure is not laser-based and prevents bleeding, wounds, and scars.
  • No anesthesia or sedatives are necessary.
  • The procedure can be performed with a licensed cosmetic specialist.
  • There is no recovery or downtime period, and patients can drive and return to regular activities immediately following the procedure.
  • Treatments take approximately one hour.

What Is the Cost of CoolSculpting?

Each patient’s treatment plan is unique based on the number of areas a patient desires to treat and the total number of treatments. A cosmetic specialist works with each patient on a full body assessment and treatment plan and will discuss options and costs during the initial consultation. Most insurance plans do not cover costs, as CoolSculpting is a purely cosmetic procedure, but financing options might be available.

MAEZ Integrative Healthcare Offers CoolSculpting Services in New Jersey

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