What Should I Expect After My Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Committing to CoolGlide laser hair removal is often the most challenging part of the process. By now, you have done your homework and have been cleared to begin your treatments. However, what can you expect after your sessions?

Immediately Following Treatment

Although everyone is different, some clients leave their treatment sessions with a bit of redness, sensitivity, or even slight swelling around the treatment area. These side effects are usually not overly noticeable, and any redness can generally be covered with makeup. Most people find they can return to their daily activities right after the session.

If you experience these slight side effects, they will generally go away within a couple of hours. However, redness may last a day or two, depending on your skin tone. Most people do not have any side effects at all.

Three to Seven Days After Treatment

Up to seven days after treatment, you may notice what you think is hair regrowth, but it is not. It is actually hair being pushed up and out from the dead follicle. All hair goes through three cycles: growth, regression, and resting. CoolGlide laser treatments stop hair that is in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. You may be seeing hairs that are in another phase so that it may look like regrowth. Those hairs will be treated in further sessions, but you can shave them in the meantime.

Five Days to Two Weeks After Treatment

Treated hair follicles begin to shed hair from five to 14 days after treatment and may continue to do so for weeks. Again, not all hairs will fall out, it depends on their growth cycle. The remaining follicles will be treated in further sessions.

Between Treatments

Most people need between three and six CoolGlide sessions for the best results. That is because of the hair growth cycle. Your cosmetic specialist cannot tell what cycle a hair is in by looking at it, so they will schedule multiple sessions to ensure the removal of all hair.

You can shave the unwanted hairs between these sessions, but please do not wax or pluck them. Your specialist will recommend an ointment or salve to use between treatments as needed.

As You Continue Treatments

With each treatment session, more hair follicles will be disabled. The specialist will target as many hairs each time as possible, but only actively growing hairs respond to the laser. 

As you undergo treatments, you will see more and more permanent hair removal. With each session, you can expect the mild side effects discussed above, but they may lessen or disappear as your skin gets used to the treatments.

With Your Last Treatment

CoolGlide laser treatments are designed for permanent hair removal. Some people may need a touch-up treatment after six months or a year, depending on their hair and skin type. Your cosmetic specialist will advise on aftercare, which can also influence your need for touch-up sessions.

Most people leave their last sessions with renewed confidence, pride in how they look, and relief at not having to work at removing unwanted hair anymore. They will often schedule additional areas for hair removal.

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