What Age Should You Start Botox?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 7 million injection procedures, including Botox, were performed last year. While there is no set age to begin Botox, many plastic surgeons say it is rare for people under 25 years old to seek treatments. However, those in their 20s are a growing segment looking to prevent lines from forming or getting worse.

The ASPS says Botox injections among 20- to 29-year-olds have increased 28 percent in the last decade. They attribute the increase, in part, to social media and the rise in Zoom meetings. Faces are on full display in both, and many people are unhappy with the fine lines or wrinkles they see.

While those in their 20s certainly have a right to seek Botox, some experts say it should be used conservatively, if at all. Most doctors recommend a daily regimen of exfoliation, sunscreen, cleaning, and moisturizing first. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing can also help younger people who are not happy with their skin. If someone in their 20s still wants Botox, they use it only on specific areas, such as premature crow’s feet due to thin skin.

Many doctors recommend that younger people start with lower doses and targeted micro-injections of Botox. Being conservative can help with current problem areas and may reduce how much Botox a person will need in the future.

There is such a thing as too much Botox too soon. Botox lasts only three to six months, and facial muscles will naturally weaken over time. Too much Botox can make these muscles flatter and weaker, making skin appear looser and thinner.

In addition, as treated muscles become weaker, surrounding muscles will engage to help the person make facial expressions. That means these new muscles will also begin the cycle of Botox and weaken and flatten. The end result is that the person may actually start looking aged, which is the exact opposite of what they wanted.

For this reason, Botox should be used conservatively on those in their 20s and only in targeted areas. These areas include lines that appear when making a facial expression stick when the face is at rest. In those cases, moderate preventive Botox may help.

In Your 30s

The mid- to late-30s is a popular age for people to seek Botox. Fine lines and wrinkles may have begun to show on a person’s “resting” face by that time. Botox treatments can help these lines from getting deeper.

In addition, the 30s are when many people start to see hereditary lines and wrinkles beginning to form, so they may be anxious to stop them from worsening. Finally, the 30s are often when effects of too much sun in younger years start to show, so Botox may be recommended as part of a complete treatment plan.

In Your 40s

People in their early 40s, especially lighter-skinned people, will often find this a perfect time to start Botox treatments. Darker-skinned people may find it is needed more around 45 years old. The 40s are often when sun exposure, smoking, and years of smiling and frowning begin to show on someone’s face. Botox treatments as part of a complete facial care plan can be highly effective.

The 40s and Beyond 

Anyone above 50 years old can still benefit from Botox treatments, even if they should have started them earlier for preventive measures. Regardless, regular Botox and other treatments can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and make the skin more youthful.

There is not a set age for people to begin Botox. It depends on your skin’s condition and elasticity, heredity, your appearance when your face is at rest, and your reason for wanting Botox. Talk with a cosmetic specialist for help with determining if Botox is right for you.

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